What we do

The main strength of Adapted Solutions lies in the development and application of its software products Portunus® and CERBERUS. It is our goal to provide modern and intuitive products based on deep understanding of the underlying physics, technical trends and the work of the engineer.

Beside the development and distribution of these products, we develop application-specific software solutions, sometimes together with partners. The results can be stand-alone products, extensions for our software or that of other providers, or web-based solutions. Our experience and the existing software modules guarantee fast development of high-quality solutions at a reasonable cost.

We also carry out modelling and engineering services, either as part of complex projects or as smaller tasks. For this we may use our own software products or those of other providers.

Customers who are interested in the field of electrical energy supply can avail of our expertise for power network analysis, evaluation of the connection of generators based on the German Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) and network planning.

Other possible services include the modelling of power electronics, drives and energy systems, thermal calculations and finite element investigations.

We also offer training courses for our software solutions, as well as about simulation technology.