Adapted Solutions develops modern Windows-based simulation and calculation software. It is our goal to combine powerful mathematical algorithms with intuitive handling. We use our software for different projects of our own. Therefore we may judge the practical suitability of our solutions and specify the requirements from the customers’ point of view. We merge the knowledge of potential applications with the programming know-how of our developers.

Software integration into design flows is getting more and more important. Our products come with a number of interfaces, for example to import and export data and to couple with other simulators. By using modern technologies like ActiveX we may keep the need for user interaction as little as possible. For example, the data export to Excel is done by writing directly into the spreadsheet without creating any intermediate file.

Feedback from customers and partners are our fundamental driving force. Our world-wide distribution network only consists of companies that offer engineering consultancy as well as software distribution. Customers and partners appreciate our quick response to their wishes and suggestions for the further development of the software.

Beside the cooperation with customers and distribution partners, our development is inspired by partnerships with universities and organisations.

The sum of all these aspects leads to satisfied customers of Adapted Solutions.